All the best jeans in Japan are produced on this small island

In 1879, when the United States produced its first pair of jeans, it was the first private spinning mill built on the Isle of a small island in Seto. At that time, the United States opened second industrial revolutions, and the West experienced a frenzied gold rush. The cowboy culture, accompanied by the music of the radio station, became a symbol of the spirit of a generation of Americans. Japan… Read Article →

What should be worn with white jeans?

In the upcoming summer season, the white jeans of all colors are a ubiquitous trend. No longer limited to the weight reduction style, there are bell bottoms, Boot Jeans, and one of the most popular Mini flares. These trousers are the best choice for matching thick leather, jackets, and some fine shirts, and even for all the clothes in your wardrobe. Next, let’s look at how best to match this… Read Article →

Broken jeans is another popular street fasion

Do you remember those worn pants in those years? At the beginning of the pop, both father and mother, grandparents and grandparents would like to help you stitch the holes, thinking that you have become a “bad child” with unruly character. The fashion of cutting jeans was invented by the Americans. The first people who invented the jeans were not to show off the fashion, but to express their resistance… Read Article →

What do you do with broken jeans?

People who have jeans often ask dannin that my jeans are hard to form, but they have to be permanently pressed. I also said that my jeans had worn a hole in my knee. It was a little embarrassing to wear it out. For most people to encounter such problems, is not just to repair it? But they worry that the quality of trousers will be reduced if they are… Read Article →

Don’t match jeans with a T – shirt

Speaking of T-shirts, we can see “leisure”, “Sports” and other words in mind, and most of us are accustomed to wearing pants to wear. In fact, T-shirts are not only sexy, but also beautiful. Collocation and color skirt is the least effort, a side slit flower and color half skirt with white T, elegant and fresh; or can also choose the bottom half skirt with lotus leaf edge design, walking… Read Article →

Dont wear jeans like this if you dont want to look short

Just as the girls do not leave the underpants, the boys can’t leave jeans, and the boys who want to be high are sure not to wear that exaggerated pants again, but do you think you don’t get short legs in jeans? The most exquisite jeans are the version type, not only the direct and fit, the crotch is more fit, if the buttocks behind the feeling of loosing, then… Read Article →

Show your ankles with jeans

In the hot summer time, tight jeans can match a tight leaked vest, not only cool, but also permeable. It’s best to touch the nature. The fat women wear jeans are the best, because they can show the reasonable design of jeans, tight waist and pencil jeans, Suitable for the crotch and the long and straight legs of the girls, the delicate pale blue outline of a white surface, a… Read Article →

These pants make you different

Every girl’s paper, whether it’s a cute or cute or handsome girl, has a distress. Jeans are always hit by a shirt in whatever style, and the style of the collocation is always the same. The girl paper hopes to be the most beautiful one in the whole street, but some things are always uncontrollable, such as bumping. Sweaters, jeans are really the favorite of the fashion circle, but it’s… Read Article →

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