Don’t match jeans with a T – shirt

Speaking of T-shirts, we can see “leisure”, “Sports” and other words in mind, and most of us are accustomed to wearing pants to wear. In fact, T-shirts are not only sexy, but also beautiful.

Collocation and color skirt is the least effort, a side slit flower and color half skirt with white T, elegant and fresh; or can also choose the bottom half skirt with lotus leaf edge design, walking with the wind spontaneously, because the T-shirt is the foundation, so the skirt choice can be bold complex, for the color, can be big and small, color can also be It can be rich.

Do not like the color of the girls, can consider the striped skirt or the skirt, the skirt color can choose the light color system, or with the T-shirt is a color system, the whole will appear a lot of atmosphere.

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