What do you do with broken jeans?

People who have jeans often ask dannin that my jeans are hard to form, but they have to be permanently pressed. I also said that my jeans had worn a hole in my knee. It was a little embarrassing to wear it out. For most people to encounter such problems, is not just to repair it? But they worry that the quality of trousers will be reduced if they are not well looked up.

Today we share a traditional repair technology that is popular in Japan, so that your jeans can be quickly mended and upgraded. In today’s fashion and fashion culture, Vintage is an important element. All kinds of old treatment, destruction, and even materials show the unique charm of Vintage.

In Japan’s traditional handicraft, the rag collage is BORO, and the sewing is SASHIKO. The two techniques are loaded with the ancient hand feeling of Dong. Many Japanese jeans now use these traditional handicrafts to develop a lot of tannin products (jeans, cowboy clothes, etc.), and the price is selling crazy.

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