Broken jeans is another popular street fasion

Do you remember those worn pants in those years? At the beginning of the pop, both father and mother, grandparents and grandparents would like to help you stitch the holes, thinking that you have become a “bad child” with unruly character.

The fashion of cutting jeans was invented by the Americans. The first people who invented the jeans were not to show off the fashion, but to express their resistance to the mainstream. The hole jeans, together with the seemingly dirty old cowboys, resurgence in the European and American upper reaches a few years ago.

In the 60s, the hippies had to bother to break the jeans and make their clothes look decadent, and it was once a trend that was supposed to be the origin of this unruly trend.

But what I did not expect was that the jeans were shining and hot in fashion circles, almost captive all hearts. It is no longer like “roaming dress”, but more relaxed and good-looking.

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