All the best jeans in Japan are produced on this small island

In 1879, when the United States produced its first pair of jeans, it was the first private spinning mill built on the Isle of a small island in Seto.

At that time, the United States opened second industrial revolutions, and the West experienced a frenzied gold rush. The cowboy culture, accompanied by the music of the radio station, became a symbol of the spirit of a generation of Americans. Japan has just ended the Edo era, and entered the Meiji era. It was located in remote Goshima Hito, planting cotton diligently and prospering in the fiber industry.

Blue collar workers wear sturdy denim costume, and have been fixed as American cultural symbols. A classic pair of jeans can be worn more than a decade or more. As early as the last century, a group of American young people calling themselves “cattle family” were keen to “raise” a pair of jeans to their own texture, shape and wear.

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