Dont wear jeans like this if you dont want to look short

Just as the girls do not leave the underpants, the boys can’t leave jeans, and the boys who want to be high are sure not to wear that exaggerated pants again, but do you think you don’t get short legs in jeans?

The most exquisite jeans are the version type, not only the direct and fit, the crotch is more fit, if the buttocks behind the feeling of loosing, then the pants are not only uncomfortable, but also the super short leg! The straight cylinder version of the body repair is the key to display legs. The retro washed water is cool and handsome, and looks good with a sweater or a shirt.

Boys have become inertia neck, but the trousers can not be rolled up, the short leg of the boy wear casual pants can roll pants, but wear jeans must not, because many jeans inside and outside the color is different, roll up will be visually segmented leg longer!

Boys wear pants, the most critical, the complex design, like the left, not only does not add points, but also the existence of super short legs, because the visual center of gravity moves down, and will appear very messy, for boys with no long legs, no design of jeans is the best design.

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